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Instructions and Help about How To Fill Out A Pdf Resume

Hey Don George here with job interview tools I created this resume writing worksheet for you as a way to help you collect and gather up all the information you're going to need to write your resume you can grab a copy of this worksheet there should be a link below this video you can just click on it'll take you to a page where you just type in your email address and then I'll send the worksheet right out to you it's a PDF document you can print it out it's about 17 pages long and then you can just follow along with me I'm not gonna read this whole thing to you but I am just gonna walk you through it gradually so you can see what it's supposed to look like what you need to do and then at the end I'm going to show you what a sample resume looks like okay now before you can start writing new resume you need to gather up all your information you need to gather your skills you need to gather your work experience your education all that stuff now one of the things I highly recommend against doing right now is grabbing any old resume that you find out there on the internet and then just cobble in your own from that template you're much better off starting from scratch and using this worksheet and that way you'll have a much stronger base to work from I also have some sample resume templates that I'll share with you later on and I'll show you where you can download those so the first thing you need to do is write the resume heading now this is just as easy as putting your name at the top of a piece of paper basically your name your address your phone number and your email address I always suggest just one phone number and one email address don't confuse employers and give them multiple addresses the next thing right under your heading you're gonna have a job objective now this is optional but I highly recommend it a job objective is going to communicate to employers what type of job you're looking for and what industry what position I think is very very helpful to communicate this to employers and I want you just to write down maybe three for different objectives that you think will fit the type of job you're looking for next thing it is accomplishments I love writing accomplishments because they really help me sell myself on to employers when I tell them all the great things that I've done it somehow relays back to them that I can do that for them too so I think those are very important after you get your accomplishments written I'll show you how to use those and powerful achievement statements and put them in a skill summary you see before you can begin writing accomplishments you need ...