What Was Donna Brazile Talking about When She Said?

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What was Donna Brazile talking about when she said, "70% of domestic abusers now can get firearms, because there's no serious background checks"? Surely, the NICS is a serious background check?

Surely the NICS is a serious background check? Think so? Read this report. Enforcement of the Brady Act, 2010 (PDF) According to that report, in 2010 6,037,394 NICS checks were performed. Of those, 72,659 resulted in rejections - 34,459 for "Felony indictment or conviction," 13,862 because the purchaser was identified as a fugitive, and 7,666 due to "State law prohibition." I don't know about the other 16,672. Before a NICS check is run, the purchaser must fill out and sign a BATFE Form 4473. Doing so falsely is signing a confession to a felony that can put you away for five years. So how many denials resulted in jail sentences? Forty-four (44). That's (carry the one...) 0.06%. And, interestingly enough while talking with my favorite firearms dealer this afternoon about this very fact, he related to me a very interesting bit of information. A gentleman had come in to the store recently and attempted to purchase a firearm. This time, when filling out the Form 4473 and providing his identification information, he presented a Resident Alien ID ("Green card"). It is legal for resident aliens to purchase a firearm. The NICS check came back as "Hold" - which means "don't transfer the gun, we need to look into this further," not "hold the guy, we'll be down to pick him up shortly." The dealer found this odd, because this particular gentleman had previously purchased a firearm from that very establishment with no problem at all, so after he left, t went back through their Forms 4473 to find his previous purchase. On that one, he'd identified himself as a U.S. citizen. And the NICS system had approved the sale without blinking. So just how "serious" is the NICS check, I ask you?

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Do you think these people would be better off if they did not have any means to defend themselves without a gun? It sounds like this person's argument here is only based on his personal beliefs and isn't based on evidence. Is it not true that these people will go to lengths to gain firearms from the black market and are just as likely to go to lengths to acquire them from the black market as anyone else? No, those guns are in the hands of felons, not criminals, or else people who are not interested in possessing guns for the sole reason of getting a license to carry them. So is the person's argument based on something more that his opinion to be the definitive truth? Do people like you need to have a gun before using a gun? But if I'm not carrying a gun and am in self-defense,.