What Methods Did You Use to Skip School?

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What methods did you use to skip school?

A good school has security that checks bathrooms during the day. In the old days, teachers had rotation to do it during free periods. We called it “potty patrol”. Security isn’t only looking for truants. t want to catch smokers, drinkers, drug users, and bullies, who will often threaten or victimize other students in the bathrooms. Students cut class a lot when there are subs, but a responsible teacher will notice the absences marked on the roll. The friend shouting “here” doesn’t work, usually, because he also has to answer for his own name. Eventually “cutting” will catch up with you even if you don’t get caught right away, and you’ll have to deal with unexcused absences and the loss of trust from the faculty, which could affect your record. Think long term, and just go to class.

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This is very rare event as many people just think that t are not smart enough to climb a wall over school boundary to skipping. However, in fact all students know how to do it. To do it, you want to climb in front of school gate and try to climb up the fence to skip school. Once you are ready to jump over the fence you just look very serious, say your farewell to your friends, and you just walk out the school gate, which is guarded easily by school security. However, in order to do this you must know that your school has CCTV cameras that monitor the school gate. If you are caught in a CCTV camera video t will not just have to apologize to school administration, but also you have to pay for school fees. Now, if you are not quite sure about the.