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I am trying to create a website where an end user will fill out a survey and a PDF will be automatically created depending on their answers. Does anyone have any advice on the best way to set this up?

The question. How can I create my own survey website, and from where can I create it? A survey website or any website that will collect data from a user will require at minimum and backend with database connectivity. So any hosting service that offers a cPanel and hosting with PHP and MySQL will allow the website to work. Create your database an the record structure you will use to store the data. Create your index.php file that lays out your basic webpage. Create the form for the actual survey. Create the server script run by the form submission to store the data. You’ll need the DNS entries and domain name registration or subdomain created for all this to work. I did a simple website doing this at http.//nullacoin.com here is the form for the survey. I used simple select inputs with simple yes/no answers and one with different levels for the website design question.

NullaCoin Survey

Survey - Please answer thoughtfully and honestly. These responses will help develop our path forward.

  • - Have you used a cryptocurrency?

  • - Anonymity is important to me?

  • - From what you've read here would you use this coin?

  • - Would you invest in the development?

  • - Please rate the website design?

Only responses from registered emails will be saved.

You can also see I’m using JavaScript to do the form submission. Here is the function for saving the survey. I also verify the email first so you need a valid email to take the survey. I have other code that handles this function that is similar but sends a validation email to the responder. function saveSurvey { var x = document.getElementById("surveyWindow"); var u = document.getElementById("surveyEmail"); var sb = document.getElementById("surveySubmit"); var eb = document.getElementById("surveyButton"); var s = document.getElementById("surveyStat"); var q = []; q[0] = document.getElementById("Q1").value; q[1] = document.getElementById("Q2").value; q[2] = document.getElementById("Q3").value; q[3] = document.getElementById("Q4").value; q[4] = document.getElementById("Q5").value; var surveyResponse = ""; for (var i = 0; i < 5; i++) { if (q[i] == "0") { alert("Please answer all the questions."); return; } surveyResponse += q[i]; } var xmlhttp = new XMLHttpRequest ; xmlhttp.onreadystatechange = function { if (this.readyState == 4 && this.status == 200) { if (this.responseText == "Success" ) { u.value = ""; u.style.backgroundColor = "white"; u.style.display = "none"; sb.style.display = "none"; s.innerHTML = "Thank You for your responses!"; eb.style.display = "none"; cancelSurvey ; } else { alert("There was a problem!"); } } } xmlhttp.open("GET", "saveSurvey.php?UE=" + u.value + "&SR=" + surveyResponse, true); xmlhttp.send ; There is also a server side script saveSurvey.php. Of course you always test data coming in to remove possible hacking attempts, script injections, etc… Again this is a very simple implementation. I did it as a learning experience. I edited out the server information for security reasons. You’ll need to fill in those blanks with your own information.

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