Filemaker Save as PDF Command Are Always Big Files I Need To?

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Filemaker "Save as PDF" command are always big files (8mb) - I need to email these files, how do I mitigate this problem in the simplest way?

It’s a great piece of software, actually. Systems built in FileMaker run either on Mac, Windows, iOS or in a browser. Build once deploy in multiple places. FileMaker provides users with the greatest amount of power with the least amount of complexity. I’m constantly amazed at the systems we are able to build on behalf of our clients. As a policy we don’t disclose the names of our clients, but you know most of them. Some are very large corporations who run departmental or workgroup systems with complex business rules, significant integration with other systems and datasources, and large, complex data models. Our clients also include medical institutions/hospitals helping with research and data collection. Numerous engineering companies with complex data collection issues in the field. Many well known colleges and universities. And quite a few large software companies who you know very well. FileMaker is not for everyone. It’s not an enterprise level tool designed for thousands of users. But for many small to medium scale systems it is perfect, integrating database, interface creation and business rules and logic in a single package. Often when I hear that someone is struggling with FileMaker it’s a matter of understanding and knowledge. So many of our clients say “I doubt you can do this in FileMaker” when it is quite possible. My company makes a living making FileMaker do things that upon first glance it is not designed to do. But using the tools provided, along with decades of experience and a touch of creativity it’s virtually always possible. .-)

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David K. Director of Quality Consulting Filmmaker Incorporated In the same thread, a comment from someone asking about “How many times” can the same system be tested? Was a reference to testing multiple software versions to see if they produce the same issue. This would explain why there are different reports from several of the same people. There are more ways to test software than there are resources. In the next installment we will be taking a look at the software development process, what tools are used, and a couple of basic guidelines for software quality testing. This is only a small portion of the post.

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