Can My Husband Come Back with Me to the United States If We Marry In?

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Can my husband come back with me to the United States if we marry in Nigeria?

Ok, let's Start with a few questions. -How long have yall been talking/dating? -Have you met each other yet? If no, do y'all video chat often? -Does he have a plan of what he will do for a job when he comes here? -Has he asked for money? This could be a scam. He could be using you for money or a green card or both. You need to keep your eyes open for any red flags. Now, I have an online Nigerian boyfriend. I am still uneasy and he knows this. We video chat several times a day. I've seen where he lives, his little brothers, and I've seen and talked to both of his sisters and his beautiful niece. I've said hi to him mom on a few occasions. And I've seen so many family photos from his Facebook or Instagram and he's showed me many not online. So I know his family is real. He has never asked me for money or gift cards. In fact, he knows I barely have enough money to pay rent. So that eliminates him scamming me for money. As for scamming to come to the US, I'm pretty sure he's not. The process to get him a Visa is long and expensive. We've been looking up everything. He's told me several times not to worry, that he wants me to go see him and where he lives and see if I could see myself living there. If I could, he would find an apartment and we'd live there until we decided we knew for sure that we want to marry each other. Then we will do that and wait however long it takes for him to get the spouse visa, then I'll bring him home. Unless of course I fall in love with Nigeria and want to stay! Like I said, I'm still uneasy. He knows and understands and he will answer any questions I have about anything. And he isn't rushing me or making me feel like we have a time limit. Can you say any of that? If so, that's awesome and I wish y'all the best!!!

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