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As a teacher, how do you cope with multiple requests for a recommendation letter for your students?

It is part of my job to write these letters, and usually a pleasure. Besides the fact that it gives me an opportunity to give a hand-up to good students, it is also a way of ‘paying it forward’ from when the same was done for me. It is not a particular problem when a particular student has multiple requests. I rarely need to start from scratch. I can modify a letter to suit multiple needs. The only issue arises when I get a request from a student who I don’t know well, or who I do, but can’t particularly recommend strongly. In those cases, I give the student an honest assessment of what kind of letter I can write for them, and if t want that letter, then I’ll write it.

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And to me, that subject is learning, and thus what is important for learning — and therefore what is important that should be taught in the classroom in many ways that are discussed in this blog. The lesson that I learned from writing many hundreds of these letter over the years is that these letters are extremely useful and useful to other teachers, and indeed useful to students. It is important then that teachers not hesitate to use one of these letters as a teacher's assistant, and have it serve as a supplement for other teachers that might need it. In writing the letters I call on my students for their suggestions, suggestions that might work in their own classrooms, and I ask them to write in the words that best represent them. I also ask them to try to put these words into their teaching practice, and to use.